Saturday, April 8, 2017

An Interview with a Very Special Champlain Teacher, Ms. Nancy Leon

DD: When did you first start teaching, and what did you teach?

NL: I spent a few years as a substitute in the Burlington District before I landed the first grade position at Champlain in 1987. With the exception of one year, I have been in first grade for my entire career!

DD: What is your favorite topic to teach?

NL: My favorite topic to teach is literacy. It's so important to every aspect of life. I personally love to read and want everyone to find that love of literature.

DD: In your view, what are the best things parents can do to support their children's success in school?

NL: Parents can talk to their children. Read with them, sing songs, make use of time in the car. Turn off those devices from time to time!

DD: Many teachers are baby boomers and are retiring quickly. Without their wealth of knowledge to benefit young teachers, what advice would you give them today?

NL: Pay attention to the small things the students say. Sometimes we let the little details go unnoticed and that's where we can pick up cues about what is going on with kiddos.

DD: What is one of your best memories of Champlain?

NL: I have so many memories from all my years at Champlain! There are hundreds of small moments, some with other teachers, some with parents, and of course many with students. There are too many hellos and goodbyes to mention. I have made some deep friendships and there have been many happy memories.

DD: What are your retirement plans?

NL: I'm not ready to completely leave the workforce, and hope to find a part time job in the area, but I plan to spend time traveling, reading, learning to knit, and volunteering.

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