Saturday, April 22, 2017

A New Look for Champlain Elementary School & An Announcement from Champlain’s Parent-Teacher Organization

A New Look for Champlain Elementary School
The Champlain community benefits from the talents and contributions from our parent and local community in so many ways, both visible and hard-to-see. This new look for our newsletter and letterhead is the result of a lengthy dialogue between artist and CES parent Glynnis Fawkes. Over the past two months, we have discussed ways of striking the right image for Champ. First we had to figure out just what distinguished a lovable sea creature from those angry or some other creature entirely. The faculty viewed drafts until we found just the right fit, closely resembling our creature in the learning center hallway. Ms. Fawkes also crafted the original font of “Champlain Elementary School” seen above, and created a color Champ as well.

This month the Society of Illustrators awarded Ms. Fawkes a silver medal for her graphic nonfiction book, Greek Diary, at the Annual Comics Festival MoCCAMs. Last year she was awarded for her book, AllleEgo. A wonder to behold of serious and comical illustrations, her professional work can be viewed at

All over Champlain, one sees any variety of Champ representations. Although we have updated our school letterhead to represent our mascot, we are not rebranding. Every Champ has a place on a poster, t-shirt, flier, etc. to represent Champlain. The Fawkes Champ fills an important need for an easily reproducible, black-and-white graphic design and a clean, “conversable” stationary. Champlain friends are always welcome to draw their version of Champ.

An Announcement from Champlain’s Parent-Teacher Organization
Are you interested in joining a board to help serve your local community? Do you seek to have a voice in the elementary school experience of your child? Your local Champlain Elementary PTO Board is currently looking for a few members to join an active, organized board to help support the Champlain school community. Your ideas and energy are welcome, and you will be joining returning members who have institutional knowledge of board operations, and who have a sense of the PTO activities that align with the school calendar. Help strengthen the school experience for your child, and others, when you volunteer to help support PTO activities such as Harvest Fest, book fairs, Box Tops for Education, Trivia Night, Fun Run, Green Up Day Tire Round-up, meetings with school board commissioners, and many other events.

This can't happen without volunteer efforts, and board members play a critical role in helping to support the PTO mission.  Responsibilities for maintaining a vibrant PTO are shared by many, and we seek your wisdom, energy, and contributions at any level.  Whether you may be interested in volunteering for a singular event, or might have interest in being a board member, we welcome your interest in serving your community.  Please contact PTO President Michael Fisher at to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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