Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Garden Shed and Science Education at Champlain

New Champlain Garden Shed 
Champlain's new garden shed now sits among our vegetable beds! We are very grateful for this generous donation to improve outdoor education for our students, and look forward to many years of its use in many projects.

Science Education on Screen
This past week, St. Michael's College professors Dr. Mark Lubkowitz and and Dr. Val Bang-Jensen filmed science education in Mrs. Betsy Patrick's third grade class after several days of instruction. In this photo, Dr. Lubkowitz asks students for their observations of different objects while the film crew tries to capture even the quietest students' voices on the microphone. This videos will become part of the professors' upcoming release of Talking Science: Exploring Children's Scientific Concepts with Literature (Heinemann).

Dr. Val Jensen-Bang and Dr. Mark Lubkowitz

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