Saturday, September 17, 2016

Communication Between Champlain's Office Team

Visitors to Champlain may have noticed a new gadget among main office staff. Caught on camera below are school counselor Greg Kriger, administrative assistant Janet Breen, and I holding our two-way radios (walkie-talkies) ready for action. Throughout the school day we communicate with two other colleagues, who also carry radios at all times, student behavior coach Kendre Guinane and head custodian Carl Terry (Sam Jackson after 2:30pm). We plan to add two additional radios for nurse Nancy Pruitt and for teachers taking children outside. Fortunately Champlain's after-school program staff communicates with radios on the same frequency, so we are in touch on school safety from 7am to 6pm.
A staple on many campuses, our radios not only alert each other to address concerns around the building, but notify Janet in case she needs to announce an immediate command, such as "Clear the Halls," over the Public Address system. Wait-time to handle classroom disruptions or an unexpected mess has been substantially reduced. Even on off-hours, use of radios must strictly apply to school matters, despite the temptation for a Rosco P. Coltrane impersonation.
Greg, Janet, and I pose with pride to reach each other instantly anywhere on campus with our two-way radios. 

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